Japanese Toilets Are Straight From the Future

When you go to another country obviously many things will be different, but you expect at least the toilets to be the same as where you are from. But not in Japan! Here you will find two kinds of toilets. One of them is straight from the future, and the other one seems like it came straight from the 18th century. That‘s what I am talking about in this week’s article about “Japanese Toilets Are Straight From the Future.

Japanese Toilets Are Straight From the Future

Let‘s first talk about the good type of toilet, the toilet straight from the future. In Japan it‘s called the „Western style toilet“ but that doesn‘t mean that a western person will recognise it.

The Toilet Lid Goes Up By Itself

The first time I came to Japan I arrived at my hotel tired and was tired because of my long flight. And I had to go to the bathroom.

So I opened the door, suddenly the lights turned on and the toilet lid went up by itself! I was almost half asleep and thus first thought I was dreaming. But no, that’s Japan – the country of convenience.

Then I sat down and the seat was warm (I’ll come to that later).

And when I was finished I stood up and the toilet flushed automatically! Lastly, as you might have already guessed, the lid went down again without me ever touching anything!

Why Are Japanese Toilet Seats Warm?

When I first sat down on a Japanese toilet, I thought somebody had just used the toilet before me. Because the seat was (still) warm.

But in reality that’s just a feature that almost every toilet in Japan has – being pleasantly warm. The reason is that Japanese houses hardly ever have central heating.

At first I didn‘t like the warm toilet seat. But now after having gone back to Switzerland I really miss putting my butt on a pleasantly warm toilet seat…

Japanese Toilets and Their Buttons

*This was taken on a toilet at the Japanese high school I went to.

Ok, another thing that surprised me about Japanese toilets were the many buttons they have. It almost feels like sitting in the cockpit of a spaceship when you sit on one.

So, I AKA the Han Solo of Japan, tried to flush the toilet. But which button should I press? The one which looks like it’s going to play the imperial march? Or the one which will shoot a laser beam into my ass?

Hell no! Luckily, I chose the button on the left and everything was fine.

Btw. here are some Japanese toilet seats on amazon: https://amzn.to/2WGpJCn

Japanese Toilets from the Past

Japanese toilets

From what I‘ve just told you, you might think that Japanese toilets are the best thing in the world. I also thought so. But when one day I went to the restroom expecting a toilet straight from the future and not having to open the lid by myself, I got this: a hole in the floor.

I quickly left.

To be honest with you, I don’t know who the fuck would use those if you had the option to go to a normal toilet, but yeah.

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